Project Overview

Fire is an element as dangerous as it is necessary, and every day more than a million brave women and men put their lives on the line to control this element and keep the public safe. The story of these ordinary people doing an extraordinary job is what Project Fire will capture for the safety and entertainment of the public.

Project Fire is a multi-platform educational program anchored by an adrenaline pumping 40-minute film brought to life through the most powerful medium in the world — the giant format theater screen.

This groundbreaking project will immerse audience members in the sensory experience of a firefighter. The public will be able to accompany these heroes into a burning structure in awe-inspiring 3D. The audience will be able to feel the rush, the fear, and ultimately the triumph of a successful fire rescue.

The film will dynamically tackle the subject of fire on multiple levels: the science behind it, the history and culture of firefighting in the United States, and the ordinary people who display extraordinary, selfless heroism in the face of it. This thrilling film will leave the viewer awed by the power of fire and inspired by the bravery of the men and women who dedicate themselves to fire safety.

Lessons Continue

Beyond the Theater

To instantly ground the film’s important messages in reality, the theater complex itself will be host to special Project Fire expos and other interactive experiences. With coordination and templates created by the film’s distributor, scheduled programs with local fire departments can range from demonstrations in parking lots to displays with safety handouts, to scouting, youth group, and classroom activities. The film will become an evergreen tool for theaters and communities to use for years to come.

But the impact made by the giant screen experience will be far from over at the theaters’ exits. As the film ends, links to a vibrant, immersive, and interactive Project Fire website will be displayed to immediately connect viewers to home safety action plans, checklists, calendar safety reminder apps, interactive safety games for kids, and much more.

With the leadership of firefighter and Medal of Valor recipient, Mark McCoy, and an illustrious team of fire safety scholars, award-winning filmmakers, Aimee Larrabee and Tom Rooker, will create an impactful cinematic experience for people of all ages.

  • Equipment and Technique Show and Tell
  • Fire Unit Demonstrations in Parking Lots
  • Portable Smoke House Demonstrations
  • Sponsor Booths
  • Monthly Fire Safety Tips and Reminders
  • Links to National and Local Fire Departments
  • Classroom Materials and Curriculum K-12
  • Science Curriculum
  • Parent Safety Guides
  • Templates for Customized Family Escape Plans
  • Interactive Games
  • Personal Testimonials of Fire Escapes

making the film come to life

ProJect Fire Creative TEAM

Aimee Larrabee

Aimee Larrabee is an award-winning journalist whose nearly 30-year career includes print, film, and interpretive exhibit work for America’s leading institutions—including the Smithsonian Institution, the National Archives, PBS National Program Service and USA Today newspaper. As President of Inland Sea Productions, Larrabee is renowned for her multi-platform approach to fact-based programming, creating unique packages that integrate television, IMAX film, curricular materials, special events and quality publications. Larrabee is the recipient of numerous awards and honors for her writing and producing, including an Emmy award for her PBS film, The Next American Dream, and three nominations for the magazine industry’s coveted National Magazine Awards.



Tom Rooker is a creative film and video professional with many years of experience working within the studio system and with independent companies. He brings extensive work experience planning, budgeting, scheduling, and executing projects in new media, field production, documentaries, and major studio projects. Much of this experience stems from Tom’s fifteen years working for Clint Eastwood at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California as a head production executive at Malpaso Productions. Tom is a veteran film producer with a long career working with many of the top companies in the entertainment industry, including Warner Bros. Studios, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Castle Rock Entertainment, Lionsgate/Grindstone, Columbia Pictures, and The Weinstein Company among others.

Mark McCoy

With decades of in-depth firefighting experience, producer Mark McCoy will oversee production to ensure that all our depictions of firefighting protocol are not only exciting, but also accurate. The need for the project is the brain child of McCoy, who has served as a certified firefighter and emergency medical technician for twenty-seven years. For the past ten years Mark has worked as a Dispatcher in the Communications Division in Austin, Texas, receiving 911 calls and coordinating and deploying the necessary emergency services. In his long and respected career, Mark has received the Medal of Valor and a Certificate of Recognition. Under his expert guidance the film will underscore the reality of these every day people performing an extraordinary job.



Gregory Wilson is an award winning cinematographer living in Brooklyn, NY. In 2013 his film for National Geographic Magazine, Cheetahs on the Edge, which he produced, directed and photographed, won the National Magazine Awards for Best Multimedia Piece of the Year. Gregory is also the 2011 winner of the International Cinematographers Guild’s Emerging Cinematographer Awards for his short film, Somewhere Else. He has more than 7 years experience as a pioneering hi-speed camera technician and operator, alpha testing new camera systems for Vision Research. He has worked as an operator on a broad range of feature films including Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, Tarsem’s Selfless, the remake of Ninja Turtles and more.

inland sea

Program Content Team

In Phase One of Development, the producers will convene and engage a Program Content Team, pulling together leading academic and in-field advisors on the science and procedures of fire prevention and containment.  The panelists will guide the program’s content from outline through filming and editing to ensure that the content is accurate to every detail.

National Steering Committee

Also in Phase One of Development, a blue-ribbon committee of industry leaders will be selected to lead the program’s premiere, launch, and outreach. Members of this committee will guide the distribution team in establishing alliances with mission-driven educational and outreach partners to ensure that the program’s powerful messages will reach as many communities and families as possible, while brining well-deserved attention to the proud profession of firefighting.


In Phase One of Development, the producers will engage the project’s Presenting Sponsor and begin work with that sponsor to vet and select co-sponsor partners to be invited to join the project for distribution and outreach promotions, with a goal of one sponsor per industry category, representing a high caliber of products and services.

Mission-Driven Educational Partners

Throughout the entire production and distribution process, the producers and National Steering Committee will work to engage high-integrity organizations from the industry to build out education and outreach that will inform the film’s content and build out its ancillary web, classroom, and expo programming.

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